Believe it or not, at Two Bostons, we think every dog needs a little coal in their lives, even if they were on the nice list! We’re not talking the lumps you find in mines, but rather, activated charcoal.  

Over the past few years, you might have grown familiar with activated charcoal. All the trendy juice shops have a pretty big stock of it, and you can even buy a container to use as a natural teeth whitener (as long as you can handle your mouth being completely black for a few minutes!). As it turns out, today’s health trends are actually a little behind the times, because doctors and veterinarians have been using activated charcoal for years! 

Essentially, it’s made by burning carbon-rich substances in low-oxygen environments to make a more concentrated carbon material...which is just a fancy way of saying natural materials like coconut shells and olive pits get set on fire to make an all-natural, healthy powder. Burning these materials strips away everything except the carbon, which is made porous from the high heat and low oxygen. This porousness works as a literal magnet for absorbing dangerous toxins in the body. 

If your pup were to swallow something they shouldn’t, like chocolate, it’s likely your vet would use activated charcoal as part of their treatment plan since it does such a great job absorbing all the icky stuff in your pet’s system quickly and effectively. Hopefully you don’t have to make a vet visit of that nature, but as we know, the holidays bring around a lot more sweets, treats, and things your dog shouldn’t be nosing around in. 

Keep them far away from your chocolate chip cookies by providing them with a tasty treat of their own, like Lumps of Coal by Bocce’s Bakery! These soft and chewy treats are made with indulgent peanut butter, rich molasses, and, most importantly, activated charcoal! Not only are these snacks yummy enough to even get old dogs learning new tricks, but the charcoal helps filter out everyday toxins from the air, water, and whatever the heck they just licked off their paws, leaving your dog’s system clean and ready to absorb important nutrients. Not to mention the totally cute packaging makes for a great stocking stuffer! 



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PLEASE NOTE: If your dog swallows anything dangerous, always take them to the vet!!!