Get out your pawtograph books because we have a celebrity in our Happy Pet Network! Meet Mission, official mascot-in-training for NIU, fluffy puppy, and member of our Happy Pet Network! Mission will be helping to review some of our favorite products and give you the honest scoop on great new things to try!    

(A special shout out to his mom, Lisa, for helping him type out his blog post!)    

Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What's your breed, name, and age? 
A: My name is Mission II, and I am the mascot-in-training for Northern Illinois University.  I am an 11 month old Siberian Husky!   

Q: What's the story behind your name?
A: "Mission" is the name of all official live mascots for the NIU Huskies.  I am the second in this dynasty, and my big brother, Mission I, is a pawsome mentor!   

Q: How long have you known your Pet Parent? Can you tell us about how you met? 
A: I first met my Pet Parent when I was five weeks old.  She came to visit me to see if I would have the desire and personality to fill the big "paws" of my predecessor, Mission I.  I impressed her with how outgoing, talkative, and intelligent I am, so she brought me home at 10 weeks old!  We've been together ever since, working hard to help me learn all about my job as the NIU Huskie.   

Q: What's your most FAVORITE food? (Treats don't count!) 
A: My favorite human food is steak!  My favorite doggo food is either Primal or Zignature.   

Q: you can tell us about your favorite treat! 
A: ANY kind of chewie!  Fish skins, femur bones, bully sticks, I love them all!   

Q: Here's another tough question: what's your favorite toy?? 
A: My giant red Wubba - I love how it squeaks!   

Q: How did you first discover Two Bostons and how long have you been shopping with us for? 
A: My Pet Parents have been coming to Two Bostons for a really long time, and I've been a fan since I was old enough to come shop in the store.   

Q: Where can our other Pet Parents find you on social media?
A: I have my very own Instagram (@niumission2), and I share a Facebook page (Mission Huskie) and Twitter account (@NIUMission) with my big brother, Mission I.     

Q: Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities to do with your Parents?
A: I love to train, and I love to hike!  My Pet Parents have put these two activities together, and I'm working on my Puppy Parkour title right now!  It helps me burn both mental and physical energy, and is a lot of fun!   

Q: Finally: what's your favorite thing about your Pet Parent(s)? 
A: How fun they are!  We always have adventures as a family.