Say hello to the sweetest pup you’ll ever meet: Maple! This cutie is one of our brand new pupfluencers for our Happy Pet Network, which means she’ll be reviewing some of our favorite Two Bostons products to help you find new and exciting things to try! Check out her blog below to learn a little more about her and how you can follow along on her adventures.

Also, thank you to Pet Parent Julie for helping Maple type!


Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What's your breed, name, and age?
A: Hi, my name is Maple!  I am a toy Goldendoodle who is just over a year old. 

Q: What's the story behind your name?
A: My mama loves to bake and wanted to pick a name based off baking that wasn’t too common. Once she thought of the name Maple, it just stuck and her and dad couldn’t get the name out of their heads. They picked my name before they even met me and saw my maple-y color coat! 

Q: How long have you known your Pet Parents? Can you tell us about how you met?
A: I met my hoomans when I was 6 weeks old at my breeders. When they came down for “choosing day” only a few minutes after I met them I immediately cuddled up in my hooman mama’s lap and refused to leave from there and I’ve been a cuddle bug with the hoomans ever since. 

Q: What's your most FAVORITE food? (Treats don't count!)
A: I LOVE Stella and Chewys Meal Mixers! Any flavor! My pawrents will put them on top of my kibble for an extra tasty meal. I always try to steal a few from the bowl while they’re making my meal!

Q: you can tell us about your favorite treat!
A: I love Two Bostons Puppy Kisses and anything from Bocce’s Bakery

Q: Here's another tough question: what's your favorite toy??
A: This is a tough one! I think my favorite toy is my treat dispensing ball! I love playing with it even without treats in it (although the treats are an added bonus!)

Q: How did you first discover Two Bostons and how long have you been shopping with us?
A: My pawrents went into Two Bostons in Wheaton before I came home just to check it out and to look at different pet foods. They were blown away by how helpful and knowledgeable the entire staff was. Now we go there all the time! I know where we’re going as soon as we get in the parking lot, my tail starts wagging and I always try to run from the car into the store! (Shout out to all of my amazing friends at the Wheaton store who always have a treat ready for me!)


Q: Where can our other Pet Parents find you on social media?
A: They can check out my Instagram page @the.marvelous_miss.maple


Q:  Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities to do with your Parents?
A: I love going on long walks and playing fetch. Even better when those activities end with some cuddle time. 

Q:  Finally: what's your favorite thing about your Pet Parent(s)?A:They both love me so much and are always ready to cuddle and give me belly rubs (and they give me lots of treats which gives them a leg up in my book!)