We’ve all been there: we chow down on something tasty, then suddenly our stomachs make that rumble. Believe it or not, a lot of our pets have similar issues. How many of us have tested a new treat just to find out the next morning that there’s a mess to clean up. Oftentimes this can be due to allergies towards a certain protein, but more often than not, your pet is just reacting badly to food that is too rich for their stomachs to handle.  

It can be frustrating to go through treat after treat, just to see that your pet ends up with an upset tummy. After all, the last thing you want is for your pooch to feel crummy when you’re just trying to spoil them! Luckily, Raised Right Meat Bites are here to save snack time (and your carpets).  

There are four varieties of Meat Bites, each one made with one ingredient: protein! Choose from turkey liver, lamb liver, beef liver, or pork liver. Their simple, single-ingredient formulas make it easy to keep track of what exactly your pet is snacking on, and better yet, make it easier for them to digest. Even picky pets are obsessed with Meat Bites! Each crunchy morsel has a tantalizing aroma that your pet won’t be able to resist.  

These are also great to have on hand for dogs who are learning new tricks or looking to pack on a bit more protein, rather than pounds! Since Meat Bites are low-calorie,  full of vital nutrients, and easy to break apart, they make for a perfect training treat or guilt-free snack.  

Meat Bites are available in-store, over the phone, or on our website. Amp up your treat game today!