At Two Bostons, two of our favorite words are “single ingredient”. On a surface level, the definition seems obvious. The product contains a single ingredient; however, we’ve found that Pet Parents are still sometimes confused by the term, because it’s not often we come across food with just one ingredient! When it comes to food—both for people and pets—we’re accustomed to there almost always being something more. We might be buying something that should just have an ingredient or two, but we flip over the packaging to see a long list of ingredients we can’t pronounce. That’s not always a bad thing, especially when it comes to food that’s fortified with extra nutrients, however, we still often ask “what else is in it?”           

Rest assured, when we have a product that’s labeled as “single ingredient”, we do our research to make sure there’s no tricky wordplay or hidden additives. The food or treat truly does have only one single ingredient, which is one of the reasons it’s the first direction we point Pet Parents in who have fur babies with food sensitivities. Oftentimes when a pet has issues with digestion, it’s because they’re reacting poorly to something in the food, like preservatives or fillers. Single ingredient products take all of that out of the equation, leaving nothing but protein as mother nature intended it to be. You might even find that food sensitives or not, your pet gobbles up their new, more simple meals even faster than the old stuff!           

So how great would it be if there were even more ways to incorporate single ingredient goodness into your pet’s diet? That’s right, single ingredient treats are a thing, and they’re just as healthy as their meal counterparts! Check out our list of just a few of our favorites:        

Turkey Liver Raised Right Meat Bites     

Your pets won't be able to get enough of these crunchy snacks. They're made from nothing but turkey liver that has been very slowly dehydrated to preserve freshness, nutrients, flavor, and even a yummy scent that will have your pets begging for more!     


Salmon Freeze-dried Purebites for Dogs   

  Salmon is a great source of nutrients for your pet's skin, coat, joints, and vision, plus, they're so yummy your cats will try to sneak a bite, too!   

Fresh is Best Chicken Heart Bites      

Fresh really is best with these bite-sized treats! In addition to their size--perfect for quick rewards--we love that every pack starts out as a pound of fresh, humanely sourced chicken hearts that get dehydrated and perfectly preserved!

 Colorado Dawg Rabbit Stix

 Does your pet love chasing rabbits around the yard? These are the treats for you! Single-ingredient, aromatic, and totally tasty, our dogs are pretty obsessed with these jerky sticks!     

Vital Essentials Turkey Fries      

These USA-sourced treats are bite-sized, tasty, and make us giggle a little because...let's just say our dogs are pretty nuts about these.    


Small Batch Pork Jerky    

A lot of dogs love our Small Batch line of food, but did you know they also make some amazing single-ingredient treats?? Since these are healthy and packed with vital nutrients, go ahead and let your dog pig out on this pork jerky!  

The Honest Kitchen Fish Skin Chews   

Not only are these chews hearty and healthy, but they're sourced from the pristine waters of Iceland. Get ready for your cats to come running, too! They'll LOVE the fresh scent.    

Happy Fish Mahi-Mahi Bites     

 Who doesn't love a savory bite of Mahi-Mahi? The folks at Happy Fish went straight to the shores of Japan to source these tasty morsels that are so healthy, you can even use them as a food topper!   


Piggy Packs  

You really can't get enough pork in your life, which is why we're always stocked up on Piggy Packs! These pig liver treats are perfect to use for training or simply healthy rewards.  

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-dried Lamb Hearts  

Freeze-dried hearts are an amazing way to treat your pets because not only are they super tasty and perfectly bite-sized, but they're also packed with taurine--a crucial nutrient to keep your pet's heart healthy.   

KOHA Beef Strips  

Your dog's favorite food brand is about to become your dog's favorite treat brand, too! KOHA Beef Strips are aromatic, crunchy, and great for guilt-free snacking.   

Bare Breasts  

There's nothing quite like Bare Breasts to get our dogs' tails wagging! These snacks are not only single-ingredient, but also locally made so you know your pet is only munching on the best!  



Remember: less is more, and it just takes one ingredient to elevate your pet’s treat game!