To make sure we always provide you with the best products, we're going straight to the experts: your dogs! Ivy is one of our first ever Happy Pet Network Influencers, and will help us give you the scoop on all the great stuff at Two Bostons. Get to know a little more about Ivy below (it's tough to type with paws, so let's also give a big thank you to her mom, Sara, for helping her out!).    

Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What's your breed, name, and age? 
A: Hi! I'm Ivy. I'm a three-year-old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier!      

Q:  What's the story behind your name? 
A: I'm named after the ivy at Wrigley Field....or poison ivy, when I'm being bad. :)      

Q: How long have you known your Pet Parents? Can you tell us about how you met? 
A: I was living the good life with my dog family on a farm in Indiana, and with no warning, these crazy people picked me up, put me in a car for five hours, and brought me to what I've now claimed as my castle. I showed them that I was the boss right away by insisting that my mom hold me up to see out the window for *the whole ride.* They're obsessed with me, so I guess they're okay.     

Q: What's your most FAVORITE food? (Treats don't count!) 
A: CHEESE cheese cheese omg I love cheese. I also loooooove milk. You've got to support your local dairy farmers, ya know?      

Q: you can tell us about your favorite treat! 
A:I love Earth Animal Salmon No-hides. They're made with dehydrated banana, so my humans don't ever have to worry about it being bad for my belly!      

Q: Here's another tough question: what's your favorite toy?? 
A:I love playing fetch with my dad, so my pink ball takes the top spot. I also have a stuffed unicorn that is my very best friend.      

Q: How did you first discover Two Bostons and how long have you been shopping with us? 
A: Downtown Naperville is one of our favorite places to walk, because it exposes me to all kinds of sounds and smells and people (and I can go in so many stores!). We found Two Bostons when I was on a walk as a puppy, and its been one of our favorite stores ever since.      

Q: Where can our other Pet Parents find you on social media?
A: You can follow my adventures on Instagram and TikTok @IvyTheWheaten!     

Q: Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities to do with your Parents? 
A: Nothing is better than a ride to my grandpawrents' house in Indiana because I get to be a country dog there, and my grandma (who I call "CheeseGramma") gives me cheese on demand. She can't say "no" to this cute face.      

I love a good ride (especially when they end in ice cream for me), going on walks and to the farmers' market, and taking naps under the bed where I can't be bothered with any human funny business. I'm an AKC Canine Good Citizen, and I love going to class and learning with my trainer and BFF Ms. Karol!      

Q: Finally: what's your favorite thing about your Pet Parent(s)? 
A: My momma carries me home whenever I get scared on walks, and my dad takes me on moonlit walks whenever I want. 3 AM is the *best* time to go outside. My humans love me so much and I'm so lucky they're mine!