Helloooooo, spring! We’ve been hard at work putting a Two Bostons twist on a family-favorite tradition to share with you all!  After a chilly, socially distanced winter, it’s safe to say we’re itching for a little outdoor fun, and what better way to kick off the season than with an Easter egg hunt? For those of you with kids, we’re sure you—errr, the Easter Bunny—is already a pro at setting up hunts, but have you ever tried it with your dog?      

Yep, that’s right, you can Easter-ify the “find it” game with your furry friends, and we’ve got the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to do it!      

Step one: Gather your materials    

There are two ways to do this. You can either run around to a million different stores to find eggs and treats, or, you can get a pre-made kit with everything you need all in one place! Personally, we prefer the latter, which is why we put together a special bundle of eggs pre-stuffed with all of our favorite treats so all you need to do is find good hiding places.  


Step 2: Stuff the eggs with treats  

If you've grabbed our kit, you can skip this step!    

Step 3: Give your dog(s) a whiff  

To get them excited, let your dogs get a few sniffs of the eggs before you hide them so they know there are some yummy goodies to be found. Since not every dog is a "find-it" pro, we've filled our eggs with a mix of treats, with some being tantalizingly aromatic to give less experienced dogs a head start.     

Step 4: No peeking  

It's time to hide the eggs! Make sure your dog is in the other room so they can't cheat! We suggest having a few hiding spots in mind ahead of time, since they'll be chomping at the bit to start their hunt as soon as they get that initial sniff!     

Pet Parent Pro-tip: Keep your Easter egg hunts safe by ensuring your eggs are either hidden in a fenced area outside or hidden in places around the house where you're comfortable with your dog nosing around.    

Step 5: Let the hunt begin!  

Ready for the fun part? Make sure your cameras are out, because you won't want to miss your dog's excitement as they sniff around! If they have a little trouble at first, try standing by a hiding spot as a hint.   

Step 6: Chow down   

It's up to you if you want to let your pup have their treats as soon as they find them or save them for after. We suggest giving them a few after, and then giving them a few more over the next few days. After all, you don't want your pup to get a tummy ache from eating too many goodies!    

Getting in the springtime spirit? Check out this product and more on in-store or online at twobostons.com!