It goes without saying that we love our pets, but even so, we have yet to meet a dog or cat who doesn’t have a few bad habits. There’s nothing more frustrating than turning around to see your pup ripping up your favorite pair of shoes or your cat scratching your new couch. Unfortunately, a lot of Pet Parents struggle to find a good way to train their furry friends to learn that your home isn’t made of chew toys, and many of us just give up and accept that our furniture will be forever shredded—but don’t worry! There’s hope! All you need to do is put down the squirt bottle and pick up the Pet Corrector.  


It’s simple: when your pet is engaging in a bad habit, just spray the Pet Corrector! It emits a loud hissing sound that mimics noises that many predators use in the wild to tell other animals to back off. Because the noise works by appealing to their instincts, rather than simply startling them (like you might with clapping or spraying), you’ll find your new puppy learns pretty fast that barking at the mailman is a big no no! Here are some other common problems the Pet Corrector can help with:

  • Excessive barking 
  • Jumping
  • Breaking up fights between furry siblings
  • Unwanted chewing
  • Leash pulling
  • Stealing food
  • House manners (ex: jumping on furniture)
  • And more!

That being said, most trainers will tell you that positive reinforcement is the best way to train an animal, which is why we also suggest you have some tasty training treats on hand. After the Pet Corrector does its thing and your furry friend stops engaging in bad behavior, toss them a treat as a reward for listening. We suggest checking out our wide selection of training treats that are low on calories and high in nutritional value!

Remember, you can treat your family to the VIPaw treatment with our delivery and curbside pickup options, and if you give us a call, we’ll even shop over the phone with you!