Taurine has been a pretty hot topic lately, and for good reason! It’s crucial for keeping your pet’s heart beating strong, but there is a lot of confusion about how to get more of it into your pet’s diet. You’ve probably seen a bunch of articles circulating that all seem to say different things, and while some of us like learning all the science-y terminology, others just want to know how they can easily get more of this crucial nutrient. The answer is simple: hearts!                 

That’s right, your pet's heart health can be supported with freeze dried hearts, which makes sense since it’s so good for your pets! Most freeze-dried and frozen raw food contains the hearts of whatever the base protein is, which is one of the reasons we always suggest getting fresh food into your pet’s diet in some capacity. But did you know taurine also comes in treat form?                 


Freeze-dried hearts are the single-ingredient snack that packs a super healthy punch, and Stella & Chewy’s line is extra yummy. They come in three varieties: beef, chicken, and lamb, and frankly, our pets aren’t able to choose a favorite. The beef and chicken are sourced from the USA and the lamb is straight from New Zealand, so you know you’re only getting top-quality protein that’s jam-packed with taurine. Personally, our favorite method of feeding freeze-dried hearts is simply giving them as a healthy treat. Many of our customers like to crumble a few over their pet’s normal meals to add a little extra nutrition. No matter how you feed them, though, you can rest assured your pet is getting a huge boost of heart-healthy taurine!