Say hello to Heaven! This cutie is one of our brand new Pupfluencers in our Happy Pet Network—and a classic case of a Foster Fail! Learn more about her and how to follow along on her adventures as she reviews some of our favorite Two Bostons products below.  

Thank you, as well, to Heaven’s mom, Jackie, for helping Heaven type!  

Q:Tell us a little about yourself! What's your breed, name, and age? 
A: My name is Heaven and I am almost 2 years old. I’m a mutt from Kentucky – Mom had me DNA tested and found out I am Chow Chow, Lab, Boxer, Pekignese, and Parson Russell – Oh boy is that a mix!  

Q: What's the story behind your name?
A: The people at the shelter in Kentucky named me before they sent me to Illinois. There was a dog named Angel and a dog named Saint – And then me! Momma thought Heaven was a different dog name, but she was just my foster mom then so she didn’t change it. But the longer momma had me the more she realized my name fit me, so even when momma foster failed my name stuck. I mean, isn’t being a rescue dog basically heaven? I don’t think life can get any better and I show how happy I am every day! 

Q:  How long have you known your Pet Parents for? Can you tell us a little about how you met? 
A: I was my mom’s 4th foster dog. She fell in love with me and cried so much when someone tried to adopt me – But I didn’t get along with their cat and couldn’t go. Momma signed the papers and now we have been together for over a year.  

Q: What's your most FAVORITE food? (Treats don't count!)
A: Animal Crackers! My Grandma and Grandpa drop off a big tub of them sometimes. I know the sound of the lid opening and the crackers moving and I come running to give my best puppy eyes!   

Or if you mean actual real food meant for dogs, I like when we get meal toppers for my kibble! Honest Kitchen ones are great! And Weruva Dogs In The Kitchen have fun names and are super tasty.   

Q: you can tell us about your favorite treat! 
A: This is so hard! I love all the treats! My doggie uncle Andy loves sausages and has taught me all about the best kinds. He’s a bit of an expert. But I also love chewing on a nice piece of chicken jerky!  

Q: Here's another tough question: what's your favorite toy?? 
A: Balls! Oh boy do I just LOVE balls! You can chew them! And you can chase them! And you can play keep away from the human! There are big ones! And small ones! You can play with them inside. You can play with them outside. There are fuzzy ones! And squeaky ones! Once mom bought me a box of 36 balls! I could go on and on about how much I love balls!  

Q:  How did you first discover Two Bostons and how long have you been shopping with us for?
A: Mom and I discovered Two Bostons when the Geneva store had its grand opening and we have been coming back ever since. I love that the people are nice and scratch my ears. And that there is a great water bowl for me to drink from. And mom loves that there are so many healthy and safe things for me.  

Q: Where can our other Pet Parents find you on social media? 
A: Come follow me on Instagram @Heaven_is_a_dog 

Q: Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities to do with your Parents?
A: I have lots! I think my favorites are long walks or bike rides (I have a trailer mom pulls me in), playing in mud and dirty water, wrestling with my best friend Holly while the humans talk, and cuddling on the couch for bedtimes snuggles.  

Q: Finally: what's your favorite thing about your Pet Parent(s)?A: I love my momma for lots of reasons. Momma says we are partners in crime – But don’t worry, momma says our adventures aren’t real crimes. It’s just a saying (whatever that means). Me and momma do almost everything together and I wouldn’t have it any other way – Shelter life was scary, but momma says I never have to worry because she will always be there to make sure no bad things happen ever again.