Ensuring your pet lives their best life shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we love to keep things simple—and what’s more simple than food with one ingredient?? Around Two Bostons, we love super healthy snacks that dogs can’t get enough of and when these are made with literally one ingredient, it seems way too good to be true. Lucky for Pet Parents, not only is it true, but there are also a HUGE variety to pick from; but in the spirit of keeping things simple, let’s talk about one of our all-time faves: Bare Bites, a small business (like us!) based out of Maryland.   

The number one thing we look for in any pet food, not just treats, is human-grade ingredients. In other words, if something isn’t deemed good enough for people to eat, then we don’t want our furry family eating it either! Bare Bites only uses the best USDA certified proteins sourced exclusively from trusted farms in the USA. That means no ingredients from China! Flip the package over and you’ll also see there are no chemicals, additives, or preservatives…just top-notch protein slowly dehydrated to lock in flavor and nutrients.   


We have a few different varieties for your dogs and cats to try. To our newbies, we suggest starting off with the beef liver, chicken breast, or pork. Each bite comes with a satisfying CRUNCH, and since it’s a dehydrated treat, it’s easy to break apart for training, or just smaller portions for smaller mouths. For those of you with pets who love to chew, you’ll want to stock up on their dehydrated chicken feet! They’re great for joint health, dental care, or just plain old snacking.   


Want to take your pet’s meal to the next level? Looking to break some picky eating habits? Give Bare Bits a try! It’s made from the same beef liver as the treats, only pulverized into tiny bits that are great for sprinkling over food like a seasoning.   


Is your pet's tummy grumbling? Stock up on Bare Bites and other great products in-store, over the phone, or online at twobostons.com!