While we're loving the spring weather, we're not so keen on the dreaded allergy itching that come with it. As plants start to sprout, they release airborne allergens like pollen and mold which increases the amount of histamine--a neurotransmitter that controls your inflammatory system--in your bloodstream. That's the science-y way to say your skin gets sensitive, blotchy, and itchy, and yes, your pets are just as susceptible to it as you!     

While humans have a pretty wide variety of medications to choose from, our furry friends don't have as many antihistamine options, meaning they need to take matters into their own paws for itch-relief. It's the reason you'll find your pets rolling around in the dirt, scratching with their hind legs, and biting at their skin. Sure, we can help them out with a good ear scratch (because everyone loves a good ear scratch) but that only acts as a temporary relief, which is why we always stay stocked up on fish oil!     

Before you panic, no, we're not talking about the pill supplements for humans, so there will be no chasing and struggling with your furry friend. Instead, all you need to do is add a few pumps to their meal, and watch as they get some visible relief! We've found that Ultra Oil is one of our favorite brands to use because it really lives up to it name. Not only is it super potent, but it's also tasty and contains a proprietary blend of oils and supplements that you just can't get anywhere else!   



What makes Ultra Oil particularly unique is the hempseed oil, which has been proven to be the single most balanced source of essential fatty acids, plus, like other hemp products, it has amazing anti-inflammatory benefits. Sardine and anchovy oils are also a great source of important omega nutrients that  not only will help with itchiness and hot spots, but also add a bit of extra shine to your pet's coat! Oh, and did we mention Ultra Oil can also help cut down on excessive shedding? Yeah, it's that good.  

Ready to help your pet find some itch relief this spring? Find this and other great products in-store or online at twobostons.com!