It's that time of year again--pumpkin spice season! We’ll be the first to tell you how tough it is to resist the sweet and savory allure of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, which is why we’ve come up with an easy DIY to include your dog in on the fun! The best part? There are no special gadgets, long coffee shop lines, or heavy pumpkin-carrying required. All you need is a spoon, a bowl, a few simple ingredients, and a camera to take cute photos of your dog chowing down on this insta-worthy treat!      

What’s in it?      

Once you see how amazingly healthy this DIY is, you’re going to want to make it well past “PSL” season! The star of the show is obviously pumpkin. It’s packed with tons of important nutrients great for supporting a healthy immune system, weight regulation, and gut health. As a well-established fan favorite, a lot of your favorite food brands like Stella & Chewy’s, Tucker’s Raw, Orijen, Open Farm, and many others include organic pumpkin in their recipes! It tastes amazing while helping to keep bowel movements regular and sensitive tummies happy.      

Up next is kefir, which is something we always have on hand in our freezers! Just like pumpkin, it’s jammed packed with healthy bonus benefits. Friendly gut ingredients like calcium and probiotics will boost your pet’s mealtime routine! No matter what life stage your pet is in, it’s important to support bone health to prevent and ease arthritis or joint pain. You’ll also find kefir has anti-bacterial properties to help rid your pets of toxins and keep their immune system healthy and strong. (Bonus benefit: even cats love it!).       

Now, you have to put the spice in pumpkin spice! Which is why pure, organic cinnamon is a must. Pure cinnamon is one of those ingredients that’s likely already included in your pet’s food in small amounts. It's so delicious, many of our bakery treats use it as a sweetener, plus cinnamon is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits! That even makes it great for helping diabetic pets regulate their blood sugar. That being said, it’s important to use cinnamon sparingly, and never let your pets get their paws on cinnamon sticks, as they can cause stomach and mouth irritation. Keep things healthy by sticking with the powdered variety only.      


The recipe      


  • 1 pouch of Pumpkin Patch Up! by Weruva
  • 1/4 cup – 1/2 cup Open Farm kefir (add more or less depending on your desired consistency)
  • 1 dash of organic ground cinnamon (we love the brand Simply Organic, which can be found at most grocery stores!)      


Mix it all up and serve!  This treat can be given as is or frozen in ice cube trays to make a longer lasting, boredom busting snack.      

PRO TIP: Want to make it a little more indulgent? Crumble a few Pumpkin Cheesecake treats by Bocce’s Bakery over the top!      

Pairs well with: crisp fall air, nighttime snuggles, and Pumpkin Spice squeaky toys