The holidays have arrived! No, this isn’t a last-minute Halloween trick, they really have crept up on us this fast, but as you start writing down your lists and digging out the decorations, remember the hustle and bustle of the holidays deserves tons of cookie breaks to reward you for all your hard work. After all…’tis the season of yummy snacks! That being said, we’re strong believers that things are more fun when they’re shared with our furry friends, which is why we’ve got a brand-new canine recipe for you to add to your seasonal cookbook.



With all the indulgent sweets this time of year brings us, we figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to throw something on the healthier side into the mix, which is why we’ve gathered our favorite holiday produce to bring you a fruity mix of seasonal goodness. Don’t worry, we’re not subjecting your pup to figgy pudding or fruit cake (shudder). This treat is actually pumpkin-packed! You read that right: pumpkin is a fruit! Believe it or not, food with seeds on the inside is categorized as fruit, which explains why tomatoes and cucumbers fit in right alongside apples, pears, and grapes.    

If you’ve spent any amount of time on our blog, you’ll know how much we LOVE pumpkin. After all, it’s a superfood jam-packed with important nutrients that support gut health and a healthy digestive system—AKA no more diarrhea from too many holiday snacks. On top of all that, there’s no better time of year to snack on a little pumpkin than the holidays!   



Speaking of seasonal fruit, you’ve probably noticed that grocery stores have started stocking cranberries once more. While we might crinkle our noses at the thought of munching on these bitter berries outside of pies and sauces, dogs can’t get enough of them. They share similar benefits for our pets as they do to humans, like boosting urinary tract health and providing tons of antioxidants—something great to increase as we head into flu season.    

Unless you tend to be an avid orchard-goer, we usually don’t consider apples to be a seasonal food. They’re pretty readily available year-round, but what isn’t as common is apple cider. We also see an influx of apple pies around Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is why applesauce is a must for this DIY recipe. They’re high in calcium, fiber, and vitamin C with the added benefit of adding some natural sweetness to any dish. Since “human” applesauce tends to have extra additives and preservatives that are harmful to dogs, we suggest going the organic route with Green Coast Pet, whose singles coincidentally happen to be the perfect size for our recipe!   



The Recipe   


·         1 Green Coast Pet Applesauce Single   

·         A few spoonfuls of Fruitables organic pumpkinpuree    

·         A small handful of fresh, organic cranberries    

·         1 classic “snowman” shaped KONG toy   


In a bowl, mix all your ingredients together well, then spoon into KONG toy. Freeze KONG for at least 6 hours, then serve as a mentally stimulating snack!  



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