Ever since we introduced Super Snouts Nutty Dog CBD Peanut Butter to our shelves, we’ve had a hard time keeping it in-stock! After all, what’s not to love? You get all the benefits of CBD with the yumminess of peanut butter. Our dogs, Sassy and Beamer, go through jars of it like crazy, which is why we were super excited to hear Super Snouts added two more varieties to their line: Hemp & Joint—which is amazing for treating dogs with joint issues—and Chill Out (our personal new favorite)!     

In many of our previous blogs, we’ve talked about how to support pets with anxiety. This time of year is often extra tough for our furry friends because of increased travel, thunderstorms, loud noises (especially those awful fireworks!), and more frequent grooming. As many of us have come to learn the hard way, anxiety in pets can often lead to destructive behaviors like chewing, peeing, and barking. It’s definitely frustrating, and one of the top questions we get is how to help our dogs keep calm in a way that’s safe and effective.             

Enter: Chill Out CBD Peanut Butter!            

If you’ve already tried Nutty Dog for anxiety, you’ve seen firsthand how great it works. Chill Out has all the effectiveness you love from Nutty Dog only better! That’s not to say Nutty Dog isn’t amazing. After all, there’s a reason we can’t re-stock it fast enough! What makes Chill Out different is the added essential oils to pump up the calming effect.            

Do any of you have a special blend of “calming” tea? You’ll probably find a lot of the same ingredients in your tea bags as you do in Chill Out! Chamomile, passionflower, and L-tryptophan (the stuff that makes you feel cozy after your Thanksgiving turkey) work in junction with the CBD to help calm your pet during common stressors. The best part? The only thing your pet will taste is yummy peanut butter!            

Our biggest Pet Parent pro-tip when it comes to anxiety is to make sure you use the product about a half hour before any loud noises or car rides. This gives all the ingredients time to take effect so your dog is already calm when the stressors hit rather than having the challenge of calming them down from a highly-anxious state.       

You can get Chill Out along with tons of other great anxiety relief products in-store, online, or over the phone!