Meet Carlton and River (who really puts the "pup" in "pupfluencer!), two of our newest Happy Pet Network members! This adorable duo will be reviewing some of our favorite Two Bostons products to help you find new and amazing things to try. Learn a little more about them below--and thank you to their mom, Nicole, for translating what these two have to say! 

Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What's your breed, name, and age? 
A: Both of us are English Cream Golden Retrievers.  We are actually biological brothers from the same parents but different litters.  River was the last litter they will have.   

Carlton was born 6/3/2018 and River was born 4/7/2020. Carlton is also a certified AKC novice trick dog. He is also amazing at nose work. He loves it and can find a scent anywhere you hide it. He was on his way to earning his CGC and Therapy certification when COVID-19 impacted everything. We will resume training once it's safe to do so.  

Q: What's the story behind your name?
A: Dad is from Canada and a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan.  The Maple Leafs’ mascot is a big white polar bear named Carlton.  Dad thought I looked just like him! 

We had a hard time deciding on a name for River, but ultimately decided the name River which the breeder gave him was the one we liked the best! 

Q: How long have you known your Pet Parents? Can you tell us about how you met? 
A: Carlton met Mom and Dad through some close friends as he originally belonged to them at 8 weeks old. They were unable to keep Carlton after about a week.  Mom asked if she could adopt him and the rest is history!  We welcomed Carlton at 13 weeks old.  Those very special people are Carlton's godparents and they still see him whenever they can. When Mom and Dad found out Carlton's parents were having their very last litter, they couldn't resist a little brother, and so they welcomed River into the family! 

Q: What's your most FAVORITE food? (Treats don't count!)
A: All food is good food, but Carlton loves Small Batch rawand River seems to be loving Small Batch lightly cooked and Open Farm lightly cooked. 

Q: you can tell us about your favorite treat! 
A: This is a tough one!  We love ALLLLLLL treats!  But the Bully Sticks, Bark Pops, dehydrated chicken, and the Honey I'm Home jerky are all of our top picks.  

Q: Here's another tough question: what's your favorite toy?? 
A: Carlton loves the treat ball.  He carries it around everywhere even when it doesn't have treats. 

River is still figuring things out.  He likes stuffed toys with squeakers so far.  

Q: How did you first discover Two Bostons and how long have you been shopping with us for?
A: Mom is at Burr Ridge Village center a lot.  She didn't have a dog when they opened as her last dog passed away years ago and she wasn't planning on getting another dog (HA HA Mom, joke’s on YOU!!) But she always saw the store and thought it looked incredible inside for pet owners.   

The day Mom picked up Carlton was kind of unexpected, so she didn't have anything for a puppy.  She stopped in at Two Bostons Burr Ridge and they took such amazing care of us that Mom fell in love with the people and the store that very day.   

Q: Where can our other Pet Parents find you on social media? 
A: We have an Instagram account @Carlton_the_Polar_Bear   Q: Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities to do with your Parents?

A: Whatever Mom and Dad do we like doing too.  We like to play in the pool, go for walks and go up north to our cottage in Canada and hang out at the lake.   

Q:  Finally: what's your favorite thing about your Pet Parent(s)?A: Our favorite thing about our parents is that they make sure we are always a part of the family.  Anywhere we can go, they take us.  They include us in everything possible and love us SO much.  They give us lots of pets and kisses and always make us feel incredibly special - because we are!