It’s always exciting to add a new set of paws to the family! Not only are you welcoming a friend for life, but it’s tough to beat snuggling a happy puppy. It’s extra important, though, to keep in mind that there’s more to bringing home a furry friend than just getting a new collar and some food. To help get you started, here’s a list of our top puppy essentials:     


When we think puppy, we think potty training. Luckily, teaching your pup where to “go” doesn’t have to be hard when you have PoochieBells! They’re simple to use: just hang them on whichever door you’ll use to let your dog out and teach them to hit the bells with their paw when it’s time to use the potty. Noise association is a great way to train your dogs, with the added benefit of letting you know your dog needs to go even when you’re in a different room! We also love that they’re compact and come in a huge variety of colors and patterns.    


Pee Pads    

The PoochieBells are a huge help, but there’s always a learning curve when training your pup, meaning there are bound to be an accident or two. That’s where the Gridlock Pee Pads come in! They’re super absorbent and perfectly sized to fit in crates or by places where accidents are prone to happen. You can also use them as a training tool while your puppy continues learning the do’s and don’ts of going potty.   


Clean-up Spray    

You can never have too many cleaning products on-hand. Especially if you share your home with pets AND people. Messes happen, whether your puppy hasn’t learned to wipe their paws or your family spills something all over the floor, so always be prepared! We suggest checking out Eco Strong spray. It’s locally made with all-natural ingredients that are tough enough to kill germs but gentle enough to be around your puppy!    

ID Tags    

We’re sure you’ve already picked the perfect collar for your pup, but have you purchased an ID tag, too? Even if you have a fenced-in yard and you’re diligent about keeping your pup on a leash during walks, unpredictable things can happen, especially when you have a puppy who isn’t yet fully trained. In addition to making sure your furry friend is microchipped, having an ID tag is a must! We love MyFamily tags for their quality, durability, and style (we’ll even custom engrave them for you for free!). Learn more about them and the importance of ID tags in our previous blog here!    


Have you ever felt like your arm was going to get yanked out because your dog suddenly decided to chase a squirrel? With how rough it feels on your shoulders, think about how your dog’s neck handles a sudden jerking motion. We’re going to let you in on Pet Parents' best kept secret: harnesses! Since they clip over your dog’s back, it gives you a better grip on your dog while taking the pressure off their necks. We suggest the Freedom No-Pull Harness, which is perfect for handling puppy-level energy.     


Puppies LOVE to chew. It’s their way of exploring the world and figuring out what’s what. Having good chews on-hand won’t only save you the headache of coming home to a ruined pillow, but it will also help keep them from forming the habit of chewing on things they aren’t supposed to. A level of safety is also involved. There’s only so much you can do to puppy-proof your home, and giving them a high quality chew to entertain themselves with keeps them from getting their mouths on something dangerous. We suggest having both chew toys and natural chews always on-hand!    


Starting your dog off on the right paw can set them up for a long and healthy life, so it’s crucial to get them food that has all the nutrients a growing pup needs. Always fill their bowls with meals that are meat-first—meaning meat is the first ingredient—and made with ingredients sourced from trusted locations like the USA or New Zealand. Not sure where to start? Give us a call or pay us a visit and we’ll give you a free food consultation to help you pick the perfect meals for your pup!      

These are just a few of the many essentials you’ll need when helping your new puppy adjust to your home. For more information, take a look at our helpful checklist!