With Mother Nature turning up the heat, many of us have started increasing our water intake and hopefully you’re finding yourself refilling your pet's water bowl more frequently, too! But, did you know that most pets are in a constant state of dehydration?  

We don't tell you this to make you feel like you're a bad Pet Parent. That's far from the truth! (Just in case you haven't been told today: You're amazing!) The fact is that dehydration is one of the most common issues in pets—especially cats—for a multitude of reasons. Like humans, some pets just don’t drink enough. Others seem like they’re drinking plenty, but it turns out more water ends up on your floor than in their bellies. Whatever the reason is, it can be frustrating to know your pet isn’t as healthy as they could be because of something as simple as not staying hydrated!   

Thankfully, there are plenty of super easy ways to add extra moisture to your pet’s routine, and many of them are extra yummy! Check out our top 5 below.    

(NOTE: If you notice a sudden excessive increase or decrease in your pet’s drinking or eating patterns, it may be time for a trip to the vet).    

Bone Broth    

Bone broth is usually the first thing we add to our pets’ diets when we decide it’s time to pump up the hydration. At first glance, it just looks like water. Dig a little deeper and you’ll learn how protein bones are gently simmered in water to extract important nutrients like collagen. Some brands, like Primal and Open Farm, even add some produce to the mix for even more added vitamins. The best part, though, is that it’s like flavored water for pets! In addition to getting extra nutrition from the bones, your pet is also getting the flavor of the protein, which is highly appealing to their natural instincts. Use it to rehydrate food, freeze in an ice cube tray for a healthy snack, or just pour some in your pet’s water dish!    

Wet Food    

If you exclusively feed your pets kibble or only give them wet food on special occasions, it’s time to consider making it a daily part of their routine. It goes without saying that wet food = more moisture! If you’ve never fed wet food before, fear not, it’s super easy. Just pour it in their food bowl or over their regular dry meal, and watch them go to town! Not only is the taste appealing to your furry friends, but the texture appeals more to their natural instincts. Give brands like KOHA, which is packed with yummy gravy, or Weruva, who purposefully adds extra moisture in every meal, a try!    

Water Fountains    

We’ve all left a glass of water out for a few minutes, only to return and find it tastes stale. The same things tend to happen in your pet’s bowls! Cats especially avoid stale water, or they’ll try to do a little DIY aerating by flipping their dish over completely. Enter: pet water fountains. Having a source of running water available keeps things tasting fresh, prevents nasty bacteria from growing in your pet’s bowl, and attracts your furry friends through movement. What’s even better for us humans, is that most fountains are compact and easy to maintain (not to mention the added benefits of relaxing water noises!).  


Frozen Fresh Food    

There’s nothing quite like fresh food. It’s low-cal, tasty, and super nutritious! Plus, it satisfies most of your pet’s natural, biological needs. We’ve found that many people aren’t quite sure what the difference is between frozen and freeze-dried, and the answer is simple: moisture! Freeze-dried food uses a freezing process to remove moisture and make meals shelf-stable, whereas frozen food is simply prepared, packaged, and sent to our freezers. While rehydrating freeze-dried food is a great way to get extra water in your pet’s dish, we’ve found that frozen is a little more flavorful (and convenient!).     


If you’ve read our blogs or visited our stores, you’ll know how much we LOVE kefir! It’s made from two ingredients: milk and kefir grains. The two are mixed together, left to ferment, and then strained, leaving behind a nutritious bowl booster that pets go nuts for. Like bone broth, we love using it as a bowl booster or freezing it to make a healthy snack, but it’s also amazing for digestion. If you have a pet with food sensitivities or digestion issues, we suggest you stock up ASAP! We suggest giving Open Farm’s kefir a try. It’s made in the USA and 100% organic!   

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