If there’s one thing (most) humans and dogs have in common, it’s a love of the outdoors. It’s tough to beat a breath of fresh air in the morning or seeing how fast your dog’s tail wags as you grab their leash. Especially this time of year! That’s not to say our dogs don’t get excited to go on walks year-round, but we all know that strolls in the summer tend to last just a little bit longer…it probably has something to do with not trudging your way through six inches of snow.     

When it’s time to head out, most of us just snap on a leash and grab a few poop bags before venturing outside, but there are a few more accessories you should always have with you when leaving the house.     


Having a properly fitted harness is an absolute game-changer when it comes to walks. Most of us have dogs who tend to tug on their leash when they see something exciting; and by tug, we mean practically tear your arm off! As much as that hurts, think about the strain on your dog’s neck when they run out of leash as they’re bolting towards that squirrel. Using just a collar alone puts all the pressure right at your dog’s throat, which can lead to injury and back issues later down the line. A harness not only puts far less strain on your dog's throat, but gives you more control. Plus, they come in tons of fun colors and patterns so you can add that extra bit of pizazz to your walks!      


Roamer Leash     

Looking to go on a hike or stroll through a grassy park? The roamer leash is for you! It’s a great alternative to traditional leashes, or dangerous retractable leashes, because it gives your dog the ability to explore while still keeping them safe. The best part? It can be used hands-free, which means you can get your phone out and get adorable pictures of your dog playing to your heart’s desire. It works by fitting comfortably around your waist, while the springy bungee cord let your dog get a little extra distance without having to worry about them choking themselves when they’ve decided to chase something (again…did someone say squirrel??).    


Paw Protection     

There’s a common misconception that a dog’s paw pads are find on any surface since they’re already used to toughing it outdoors. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, which leads to a low of seriously burnt paws during hot days. Would you walk barefoot on pavement or concrete when it’s 90 degrees out? Neither should your dog! While we suggest keeping your dog off hot surfaces as much as possible, we know that in some situations it can be tough to avoid, which is why Musher’s Paw Protection is a must. It works by forming a thin layer of non-toxic wax over your dog’s paws, acting as a barrier towards extreme heat and cold. It won’t make your dog’s paws indestructible, but it will definitely help prevent severe temperature damage.     


Poop Bags     

This is an obvious one, but did you know you have options other than old grocery bags? How many of us have leaned down to pick up their dog’s poop only to discover that box of cereal you got poked a hole in the bottom. Yuck! Getting bags specially made for poop means you no longer have to risk your hygiene. Better yet, the bags we carry are scented and biodegradable, meaning whether your pup’s poop ends up in the trash or as compost in your garden, you can rest assured mother nature will be able to break it down.    

Gulpy Water Bottle  

Hydration is key for any Pet Parent, which is why you won't want to leave home without a Gulpy Water Bottle! It's roughly the size of a standard water bottle, and clips easily to your belt or leash, but what makes it special is how quickly it transforms into a portable water bottle! All you need to do is fill it up either at home or from a drinking fountain, and flip "bowl" reservoir out when it's time to give your pup a drink! The best part? It's super easy to seal when you're done so you don't have to worry about spilling water all over yourself!   


Your dog's paws are made for walkin', so that's just what they'll do! Get these awesome items and more in-store, over the phone, or online at twobostons.com!